Introducing the DJ and Producer Twin Duo TWIMOTION

We are Jonas and Daniel from Frankfurt, Germany. Our alias TWIMOTION comes from the words TWIce, TWIn and eMOTION. Our passion is producing and djing our own singles as well as remixes from well know stars in the scene.
We started making our own songs when we first got in touch with the music program “FL Studio” – because we immediately fell in love with it. The numerous functions and possibilities to create your own music within this program are what we value the most.

Our Hearts Beats for All Kinds of Techno Music

Deciding on a particular style of music was very easy for us, as we have always enjoyed listening to the latest tracks of our idols in this genre. Therefore, we mainly produce and play “Melodic Techno“, “Hard Techno“, and “Techno“.
At first, a music layman will now probably think: this just all sounds the same to me! But we can assure you, these music styles are quite different and especially diverse. By using different basses and vocals, the most diverse moods and feelings can be brought about. The diversity of these music genres enables us to produce suitable songs for all the special moments in your life.

Ready to Guess? Who Is Who?

Even though we look the same at first glance and always perform together, each of us has his own strengths – and combined that makes the perfect mix!

Jonas Krams

Producer of TWIMOTION

Daniel Krams


We hope you could now gain a first deeper insight into our musical life and thus get to know us a little better. You can be sure that you will hear much more from us in the future 😉

We would be very happy if you continue to follow our own story!

Daniel and Jonas

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